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Originally Posted by The Old Medic View Post
Blue Angel, you literally have no concept of the history of the United States of America, and you spread your falsehoods all over this forum.

The men who wrote the Constitution of the United States had no allegience to Great Britain at all. they had just gone through a blood revolution, in opder to gain their freedom FROM Great britain, and they wanted to make certain that the abuses that had been done under the rule of Great Britain could never happen again.

That is exactly why they guaranteed that there would be no state religion in the US. Britain had one, and still does have on, The Church of England. The Queen is the Head of the Chutrch of England. All of the people of Great Britain pay taxes to support the Church of England.

That is why they stated that soldiers could not be quartered in peoples homes. the British had done that to the Colonists, forcing the people to feed those soldires, give them bedrooms, etc.

That is why they guaranteed freedom of expression, because under the british system you could be locked up for speaking your mind.

That is why they guaranteed the right of the [people to keep arms, so that they could fight against an unjust government if necessary.

You are so blinded by your prejudices, that you simply have little, if any, understanding of the Constitution of the United States. You also have NO understanding of modern Freemasonry (I am NOT a member of that organization by the way).

You intrepret everything according to your paranoid ideations. Too bad, that's a really miserable way to live.
I don't spread falsehoods.

They're called opinions in some cases; truth in other instances.

I have knowledge about that which you don't and I understand the purpose of the Constitution.

You apparently don't because you have been deluded into believing it is a sacred document that protects the freedom's and right's of the people of this country and that our leaders are bound by it.

I have no prejudices or paranoid ideations.

But, you appear to have an anger problem.

As far as Freemasonry, I've never stated I am an expert on this brotherhood.

My comments about Freemasonry are from what I know.

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