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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

Originally Posted by The Old Medic View Post
No, Blue Angel isn't bright enough to be a government spy. He is a moron, studying very hard to become an idiot.
BlueAngel is a female, thank you.

I'm sure you would know this from the following post on the Mind Control within the Music Industry thread:

My husband said he thinks I went a little over the top, but appreciated the kind words; thought the poem was beautiful and only did what anyone else would have done.

He's a very modest man.

For my husband:

I love you, Joe
More than you'll ever know
you opened my eyes
when I couldn't see
you're like the warm, calm waters of the deep blue sea
embracing me
embracing me

To be continued.....

I was alone and frightened, but there you stood
straight and silent
in the face of all I knew
you swallowed my fears
helped me rise above
you're the moon, the stars and my only love

To be continued.....

When I feel prey
to the predators on
and the truth I believed were horrible lies
you held me close
never blinked an eye

when I believed
in an altered state
that I had a baby and cut it up
was sent away so I couldn't speak
you held me close and embraced me
like the warm, calm waters of the deep blue sea

you watched me weep while I lay in bed
for days and days and days on end
under my covers, hiding my head
reliving the torture of days gone past
And, as I went hungry, unable to eat
there you stood with two clay feet

you're my rock
you're my sun
you're my moon at night
you're my star
that's forever shining bright
you're like the earth and the dirt under my feet
you're the warm, calm waters of the deep blue sea
embracing me
embracing me

you give me oxygen when I can't breathe
you're my moon
you're my star
you're the wide open sea

you wrap me me up inside your arms
I feel safe, I feel love and I feel calm

you gave me eyes when I couldn't see
you held me tight when I couldn't be

you're my guiding light
you're my strength from within
you're my life, you're my heart
you know where I've been

you're like the deep, blue sea embracing me
the deep, blue sea and all it's warmth
you're a blanket
you're my hope
you're my lucky charm

you're like the deep, blue sea embracing me
embracing me...
embracing me...

The operative word would be that I am an OPERATIVE and I was bright enough as a child to take on this role and ESCAPE!!!

I'm an intellectual, mind you, studying very hard to become a genius.

Your anger at me is interesting.

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