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Default Re: GOA Announces Veterans Disarmament Act

Originally Posted by The Old Medic View Post
Are you being deliberately misleading, or are you really so stupid that you can not underastand what this bill actually says?

It prohibits those that have a significant psychiatric disability form purchasing a firearm.

Just what the hell is wrong with that? I don't want some person that is hallucinating owning a firearm near my house. And it is NOT just aimed at veterans, like you imply. It is aimed at anyone with a significant psychiatric disability.

Are you worried because YOU have such a disability?

I am a disabled veteran, service connected disabled for wounds sustained in Vietnam. I am not in any danger of losing my rights to own a firearm under this bill, nor is any other such veteran. I currently own three rifles, one shotgun and a pistol.

But those people that have a history of psychiatric disorders are prohibited from having firearms, They have the opportunity to prove that they are no longer affected by that disorder. I personally think this is a GOOD THING.
Excerpt from article:

ARGUMENT: The Veterans Disarmament Act creates new avenues for
prohibited persons to seek restoration of their gun rights.

ANSWER: What the bill does is to lock in -- statutorily -- huge
numbers of additional law-abiding Americans who will now be denied
the right to own a firearm.

And then it "graciously" allows these newly disarmed Americans to
spend tens of thousands of dollars for a long-shot chance to regain
the gun rights this very bill takes away from them.
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