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Default Re: HIGHER INDOCTRINATION: Universities and Corporate control by David Livingstone


Your response is almost identical to what I had planned on responding to you.

Actually, I had planned on sending you a compliment if you did NOT have a Master's or PhD.

What I am getting at is that many a people think that those without college do not have a brain.

A good example of their misinformation and deception is that little show called Jeopardy.
Ever watch it? Now and then you can spot a contestant that is a butcher, florist, truck driver with a brain of knowledge that can put college professors to shame.

No OC, I was not going to bash you, but commend you on your intellect and ability to be forthright in your responses on some serious and complicated discussions (threads).

However, for those that are limited in education such as basic reading, math, writing----we have serious problems right here in Florida.

Unfortunately, many of these people with basic limitations apply to college everyday with 5th grade writing skills. This is why you will note that some bash the college crowd. Basically, and not all, do not have brain power. They only finish college and quote the back cover of books.
And then they get 'trained' on the job like everyone else.

I don't know what the education is like in Ozzieville, but here in the USA we need to bow our heads in shame.

Thank you OC for your response. No motive here.
Just to add: not everyone in this CC site is petty, good for nothing, or pee-brained.
And as far as needing college, or higher education in the next 5 years will not make anything better for all that do take the step for higher education.

The NWO biggies and their followers know who they will take under their wing. There are only a few that visit this site that are "safe".

PSS: Once again, no harshness intended towards you. Just thought that you come from a strict background of Lawyers, Doctors, Master's and PhD's.

I was going to suggest that you start your own club conspiracy to attract the likes.

Helen (get_real)
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