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Default Re: ISSUE IN-DEPTH: HEALTH CARE REFORM: There is a cure available for current plan

I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I grew up very, very poor. I never saw a dentist until I went into the Army at the age of 16. I saw a physician one time between the ages of 7 and 16, and that was to get 11 stitches in my forehead.

I had to eat dry dog food at times as a kid, because we had no money. I went to 28 different schools, in five different states, and never finished the 11th grade. I got my High School GED while in the Army, and began to take college classes. I spent 10 years on active duty with the Army, and only left because my wife abandoned me and our children to become a hippie.

I worked and went to college. I was also a single parent for over 10 years. I earned my Masters Degree and set out on a professional degree. I later earned my Ed.D.

I provided for my children (and they are doing me the great honor of raising my grandchildren with exactly the same values as I raised rhwm with), and never asked for or got any help from anyone else.

I worked hard for what I now have. Why should I share that with people that are too lazy to get an education, too lazy to get skills that pay a decent wage, etc.

Sorry, but it is NOT the responsibility of the government to provide for those that refuse to provide for themselves.

For those too disabled to care for themselve, absolutely yes. They need the help, and they should be given that help. But the healthy, hell no! Let them starve if they refuse to work. Take their kids away from them, and let people that are willing to work and impart values to them raise them.

I will close with a quote that far too many people forget: "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Those words were spoken by John F. Kennedy.
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