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Originally Posted by The Old Medic View Post
Yes indeed, "from what I know".

In other words, from your paranoid ideations.

And you do indeed write falsehoods on virtually every subject that you write about on these forums. You wouldn't know the truth if it came up and bit you on your nose.

You are indeed full of opinions, unfortunately your opinions are based upon your paranoia, and not on any facts.

I fight against falshoods, misstatements and outright lies. If you spread them, then I will counter them.

By the way, why do you post so very much about the United States on a Canadian forum?
From what I know does not imply it is a paranoid ideation.


You seem to attribute these two words, paranoid ideation, to every post you come across on this site to which you disagree.

It is your OPINION that I write falsehoods and your opinion doesn't matter.

My opinions are based on facts that I know from having been enslaved and not paranoia.

You seem to think anyone who doesn't share the same opinion as you is paranoid.

I would suggest that this is an indication that you are paranoid.

Counter whatever you desire, as if this is going to deter me.

As if only Canadians are allowed access to this site.

P.S. Ideation is not a word.

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