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Default Re: A Personal Message To FMB (Free Mason Boy) In The Form Of A Quote From TB

Freemasnory is a self-professed ecumenical movement. This movement at its core is New Age in nature. It's an attempt to create a one world religion that espouses all beliefs. This is precisely why there have been masons who have infiltrated the Vatican, for example. There are other institutions that have been affected as well. There just happens to be more documentation with regards to Catholicism.
I work at a private methodist university. It was started by a methodist bishop named Leonidas Hamline. However, if he were to come to this campus today, he wouldn't recognize it as a Christian entity. It has been totally and completely hijacked by the New Age.
Now, I ask you... Why would someone who doesn't feel compelled by the Christian faith want to study at, oversee, or be employed by that type of institution of higher learning? Could they not just as easily attend a secular university? You can find any program you want in another school. Furthermore, why does this New Age movement of trustees, faculty, staff, and students feel motivated to come to a Christian university and change it's goals? It's deliberate infiltration of that university. I see this more in the orchestrators and trustees of the university than the students - because that's where the power lies. There is no other explanation for it. Whether all of the participants are wittingly accomplishing this is unnecessary to prove. It doesn't take all of them to do it.
For example, this school now teaches "earth religion" and even has an "earth religion" floor in one of its dormitories. There are university sponsored clubs for all sexual orientations and floors for those students in the dorms. Those are two examples that can be easily argued against by the Christian faith. Why make those fundamental changes, when they so explicitly fly in the face of Christian doctrine? It's because people of those persuasions have attained leadership positions in the institution. Why would they seek to do this at this school when they could go to another institution that would have no problem with their beliefs? It's to create change. To go into a position at an institution that is diametrically opposed to your belief in the hopes of changing its doctrine is infiltration. Pure and simple.
We cannot deny that this is happening. Masons have done it, communists have done it, particular social movements have done it, etc. It directly attacks the Christian faith. Tolerance for Christians is becoming non-existant. While Christians are being forced to be tolerant of instances that oppose their beliefs - the people intitiating this policy don't afford the same courtesy for Christians. It's very hypocritical in nature.
Peace - MT
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