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Default Re: Quit Digging in Afghanistan

The US has no interest in Afghanistan other than their poppy fields and using it as a CIA terrorist backed training ground.

Al Qaeda, a CIA backed terrorist group which operated from Afghanistan, as we were told, were the masterminds behind 911.

We invaded Afghanistan, ousted the Taliban and the poppy fields are growing again.

Bin Laden is till riding camel back through the desert with a dialysis machine.

Never to be heard from again.

The next thing you know after 911 and the Afghanistan invasion, our attention is taken away from Afghanistan and we're invading Iraq.


Why do you think our attention was diverted to Saddam Hussein as a threat to America when thousands died in a terrorist attack orchestrated by bin laden who operated from Afghanistan?

The reason.

So, they could direct our attention elsewhere while they ousted the Taliban in order to begin harvesting the poppy fields again; training and sending terrorists over to Iraq in order to support their claim that Saddam was harboring Al Qaeda.

Wherever their is money to be made; whether it be drugs or oil, the War Lords will orchestrate an event in order to take over the land.

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