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Is there some reason, One_Step_Up over at BTX in The Promised Land, why you copy and paste whatever the disgusting Phillip1989 is posting on youtube, instead of providing the link:

Phillip1989's plea
by One_Step_Up on Feb 03, 2009 1:40 am

on youtube-

"pls tell chris to let me come back i trd to message him but he says im stuck here in this jungleland"

"i fucking fight for the boss man me i give my blood.......fuck you man lets go ..WAR WAR WAR....."

I BET YOU VOTED FOR THE WHITE FELLA..thats why u hate bruce.....fuck you.bruce is a living legan and you are jack shit go hang your self."

BTX • View topic - Phillip1989's plea


Oh, yeah.

Phillip's qreat.

I just can't understand why Chris doesn't let him back.

Obviously, all of you BTX'ers think his foul mouth is quite tasty.

Stands to reason.

That's what you're attracted to.

Case in point.

Bruce Springsteen.

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