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Default Re: Worse than the Great Depression.

George Soros is hardly a source for any legitimate news.

And, the "mainstream media" has not reached any consensus such as you claim. The economic situation right now is much less severe than what we experienced in 1978/79, under Jimmy Carter,. Interest rates then were running over 21%, inflation was running rampant, and the economy was imploding.

The situation now is absolutely NOTHING like that in the pre-depression period. You can not purchase stocks with NO MONEY OF YOUR OWN, like you could then.

And the great depression was made much worse by the government. it cut off virtually all international trade, it cut off virtually all financing of anything, and it set up such stringent rules thaat banks could NOT lend money to industry.

You really need to base your opinions on people that are not virulently anti-american, like George Soros is.
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