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Default Re: Quit Digging in Afghanistan

Originally Posted by The Old Medic View Post
blue Angel, you really are crazed.

The CIA does not, and never has, financed, led, encouraged or in any way supported Al Queda.

You really need to get back on your medications dear. You need to stop paying attention to all of those voices in your head.

I really opity you. You are truly one very sick individual.
That is your opinion.

You're entitled to it.

Just the same as I'm entitled to my opinion.

Neither opinion negates the other.

Why would you say I need to get back on my medications?

I'm not on medication.

Why would you imply I have voices in my head?

The only voice in my head, is my own.

If you desire to pity me, be my guest.

Just because my opinions differ from you opinions, does not make me a sick individual.
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