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Default Re: America's War in Central Africa: The Pentagon's proxy war in the Eastern Congo

There are NO US troops anywhere in Central Africa, this is all just made up.

The Pentagon does not have a "Proxy War" in that area, thsi is also something that is absolutely made up.

You will notice that absolutely no source is provided fore theis supposed information, it is all based on the hallucinations of the author.

Wars ahve been going on between the peoples of that region since long before the US was founded. The various tribes can not coexist with each other. Hence you have the Hutu and the Tutsi agreeably murdering each other in every country in the region.

This has been going on for hundreds and hundreds of years. It is one of the primary reasons why Black Africa is so backward, so unable to take care of its peoples and so corrupt. The tribes there would much ratrher make war on each other than to cooperate for the greater good.

Sadly, the colonial powers lumped a lot of people together in "countries' that absolutely despise each other. So, the wars continue on and on and on.

It is so simple to blame it all on the US (and before that it was all blamed on the British or the French, etc.)

The local people have to learn to accept responsibility for their own actions, grow up and become something other than savages.
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