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Default Re: Socialism in the US???

I have lived for a lot more than one year in socialist countries. I have studied the medical systems in several of them, including Sweden. ALL of them limit the care that can be provided. All of them deny certain kinds of care to their people.

I am also a citizen of a socialist country (Canada) as well as a citizen of the USA.

I would never want to see the medical system of the US become like that in Canada. There, you can wait 2-3-4-5 or even more years for an elective surgery (and the government determines what is "elective". My paternal grandmother died because her surgery was delayed by the government. She needed a hernia operation, but it was not considered to be "necessary". So, she ended up developing gangrene, and that killed her.

I do not want to see a system in this country where everyone has to have the same level of medical care, like Canada has. There is a reason why tens of thousands of Canadians come to the US every year to obtain medical treatment that they can not get in Canada. They are not all rich people either.

If you have massive facial scars, in Canada you may not be able to get plastic surgery at all, and if you do, iy will take years. After all, you can live with scars, right? Or like the primordial dwarf child in Ontario, that couldn't get any appropriate care anywhere in Canada. the condition is very rare, and her family had to come to the US (at their own expense) to gwet her the needed care.

Every province in Canada operates their own Medicare system, The benefits differ from one province to another (that would be like every State in the USA operating its own medical program. In 2007, the province of Alberta, (which is sparcely populated) ran a deficit of 1.8 billion dollars in their Medicare program, The result is reduced services and higher taxes. Just inagine every state running a program, like they run their Medicaid program,. In some states right now, they will not pay for any medical treatments to keep disabled people in their homes. Instead, they require that those people must be in nursing homes in order to get medicaid treatments.

Or take the states that refuse to purchase a power wheelchair for their disabled citizens, Yes, that actually happens. So, some of the families of those patients literally take them to a state that will purchase a power charir, and "dump them off" at a hospital. As soon as treir family member gets a power chair, they pick them up and take them home again.

That's what will happen if we get socialized medicine in the US.

Lots of people think that Socialized medicine is THE answer to our problems. They forget, that what the government provides, it also controls.

Take a look at Medicare in the US, or the VA Medical system. Medicare pays for about 30-40 percent of the real cost. Many people have lost their sabvings, etc. because of what Medicare does NOT pay for.

In the VA system, it is not uncommon to have to wait 6-9 months to see a specialist, to wait 2-3 hours (or more) at every scheduled appointment, to have significant limitations on the medications you can get, etc., etc. Many VA hospitals are closing their emergency rooms, because they just don't have the money to keep them open.

Congress may well decide to nationalize medical care in this country. But I can almost guarantee, that if they do, they will also put significant limitations on that medical care too.

Be very careful about what you wish for.
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