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Default Re: Will Obama End The DU Environmental Hell The U.S. Military Has Created?

First of all, does the term "depleted' mean nothing to you? These rounds are not radioactive, they are "depleted" meaning that their radioactivity has worn out. That is the natural course of uranium, or any other radioactive material. They all have a "half-life" whn 50% of the natural radioactivity has been depleted. Over time, all of the radioactivity is gone.

Two, they are not widely used, and they have not used thousands and thousands of tons of them. They are very expensive to manufacture, and they are only used to destroy armored vehicles, hardened sites, etc. They don't out them in every belt of machine gun ammunition, and they are not fired from rifles at all.

Three, there is no such environmental hell in Afghanistan or in Iraq. Your opinion does not make this the truth, nor do the opinions of environmental whackos..

Fourth, even if he were to ban them, Mr. Obama could not permanently ban them. The next President could reinstate them.

You really need to learn something about the subjects you write about. Reading one extremist source is not really researching the subject.
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