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Default Re: Mainstream Media is Totally Controlled

Just because someone says something was supressed, does not mean that it actually was.

Many people try to seel snake oil, and they hate it when the government interferes with their profits. Just like the laetrile merchants, who hailed their "cures", and went to Mexico when they were banned from the US. They took hundreds of thosuands of dollars from fools that believed them (Like Steve McQueen), and their patients died anyway.

Yep, those folks make a fortune off of fools like you. They always have a cure that nobody else has discovered, but for some reason they never whnt any form of peer review of their rpocess, etc. Nope, you can just trust them to be telling you the truth.

Maybe if they gave away their cures, they might be a little bit more believeable. But none of them do that. Instead, they rake in all the market will bear, until they are put out of business.

You go ahead and believe in your quacks. You won't survive long, none of their pateints actually do.
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