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Default Re: anti-Oprah postings

Oprah is an entertainer, not a news person. She is in business to become rich. She is very good at what she does, as her revenues show.

She lost a certain portion of her audience when she became a political shill. She has not gotten that part of her audience back, and i doubt if she will.

Just like, in the 1960's, the Smothers Brothers went from very popular to pariahs when they became politically radical, Oprah has to be careful that she doesn't go too far.

I loved the Smothers Brothers, but I didn't find them to be funny when they began to spout their political radicalism on every show. If Oprah goes that way, she will also lose her audience.

Oprah has no more relevance to the United States than any other popular entertainer. She can lose that popularity very quickly, and if she does, then she will have no relevance at all.
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