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Default Re: Mainstream Media is Totally Controlled

Old Medic, since there is absolutely no corruption in the Medical Establishment, as you apparently believe, can you explain Royal Raymond Rife?

Tell us, please, what you think about Aspartame, MSG, fluoride in the drinking water, and chemtrails. Is this all a hoax?

Also, why is it that those diagnosed with cancer who refuse "any" treatment usually live longer than those who do receive radiation and chemotherapy? Or, is this just a myth too?

Oh, since you believe the Rothschild Banking Family does not play the leadership role in controlling the central banks, who do you believe is calling the shots? Do you believe the FED is public or private?

I'd like to hear your take on cannabis, both the industrial version and the type that alters your consciousness when smoked. Why do you feel this
substance is illegal in America?

You seem so incredibly trusting in our political and corporate leaders. Who do you feel is the most honest politician in America at this time?

What about Bill Benson's book The Law That Never Was in which he claims to have proof that the 16th Amendment was never legally ratified by three-fourths of the states, thereby making the federal income tax illegal?

Please enlighten me on these topics when you get a chance. I would love to know how you feel. Thanks.

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