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One of the posters on the following thread from BTX says that he/she stumbled across Club Conspiracy and my thread, "Mind Control within the Music Industry," when he/she did an internet search for Springsteen/Obama quotes.

She/he doesn't provide the link that brought him/her to Club Conspiracy after the Springsteen/Obama quote search, so I highly doubt that's how he/she stumbled upon this site.

I tried the same search and came up blank.

FYI, the poster who said I was at BTX under the username BlueAngel had to have known about Club Conspiracy, because I never used that name at BTX.

I registered at BTX in 2007 as Liars?? for the sole purpose of responding to a thread authored by Secret Gardener, which is posted on this thread, about missing Liars??. I was Liars?? on Springsteen's official Sony site.

Very short stay both times; as Liars?? on Springsteen's official Sony site and as Liars?? on BTX.

I registered at BTX as AnAngel on January 29, 2008 and was banned on March 4, 2008 with no regrets.

But, I'm sure ya all knew this.

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