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BTX • View topic - Springsteen and Tour Team Condemn the TM Process

Apparently, when Springsteen fans were attempting to purchase tickets on Ticket Master, they were redirected to TicketsNow even though there were plenty of seats available at Ticket Master.

TicketsNow prices are above face value.

In the letter by the Springsteen camp, they say they don't receive kick-backs.

Why did they say that?

Obviously, they're aware that SOMEONE is receiving a kick-back.

So, who is it?

Ticket Master or the Springsteen camp?

Is this an isolated incident only involving the sale of Springsteen tickets or standard procedure by Ticket Master to redirect the sales of concert tickets for other musicians to TicketsNow?

Seems every politician in New Jersey is on the case including the Attorney General.

Ticket Master offered an apology.

Is this another orchestrated event to gain attention as if Springsteen is going to put Ticket Master in its' place.

Hero to the rescue.

It's too late.

Fans were shut and now they have to pay astronomical prices on EBAY so they can follow their mind controller.

There should have been plenty of tickets available on Ticket Master without fans being redirected to a site that charges above face value or shut-out because the scalpers were given tickets so they could sell them on Ebay.

Trust me.

The demand for Springsteen tickets does not outweigh the supply.

If you make a commodity appear to be scarce, it becomes more valuable, but, in this case, the commodity is not scarce.

First, Wal-Mart.

Now, this.

Is Springsteen that desperate to fulfill his contract?

Why would Ticket Master redirect requests for tickets to TicketsNow for Springsteen shows when the price is above face value and tickets for his shows were available through Ticket Master and, as stated in the letter by the Springsteen camp, they don't receive kick-backs?

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