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Why was the bailout money handed over to thieves without oversight?

Some of the same executives who paid themselves bonuses from the taxpayer's bailout money are some of the same executives who are responsible for causing thousands upon thousands of people in this country to foreclose on their homes; helping to worsen the economic collapse and aiding the Banksters in receiving large doses of interest payments on these bad loans and loose credit that has been available to everyone and anyone since the Clinton administration.

They have stolen people's homes and dignity.

Due to this thievery, Obama has suggested placing a salary cap of $500,000.00 on all executives of financial institutions.

Is that legal or is that communism?

Or just plain ridiculous?

That's the penalty for theft?

You can't make more than $500,000.00 a year, all paid for by the taxpayers and, by the way, keep the bonus money you stole from the taxpayers, too, because they are absolutely and positively very pleased with your performance as CEO's of these PRIVATELY owned and operated financial institutions, which are not a part of the government, but yet the taxpayer's are forced to bail them out.

If my corporation goes belly up, will the FED bail me out?

And, always remember the mantra, people, you will be in debt to the government for the rest of your life; your children; your grandchildren, etc.

The fact of the matter is that we will be paying taxes for the rest of our lives.

That's the way it works.

Is this a dog and pony show?

CEO's who helped with the economic collapse are now being scolded by CONGRESS!

The taxpayer's in this country who lost their homes and dignity due to deliberate and fraudulent lending practices are now forced, once again, like the rest of us to pay the exhorbanent salaries and support the wealthy lifestyles of the CEO's who aided and abetted in forcing people out of their homes and worsening the economic collapse.

Last time I checked theft was a crime and so, too, was fraudulent lending practices.

Obviously, someone knows who stole the taxpayer's money because it's been reported that some executives were PAID BONUSES.


Were they paid bonuses or did they steal?

I'm confused.

Someone please clarify.

They gave themselves bonuses?

Are you kidding me?

What gall!

Bonuses taken from taxpayer bailout money; some of whom lost their homes due to these executives approving BAD and fraudulent loans.

Maybe the bonuses were a government pay-off for a job well done in helping to worsen the economic crisis.

IMO, in the near future, many of these CEO's and their Board of Directors need to be replaced.

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