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Default Re: ISSUE IN-DEPTH: HEALTH CARE REFORM: There is a cure available for current plan

Obviously you DO NOT get the gist of that quote from J.F. Kennedy, because you are asking what your government can give to you, and not what you can give to your government.

In case you don't know it, there are programs available to provide medical care to children (SCHP), and programs to provide medical care to the elderly (Medicare0, as well as medical care for the younger disabled people (either Medicaid, Medicare or both in some cases).

You obviously believe that those that have worked hard, and advanced themselves economically are required to pay for medical care for those who chose not to work that hard, get an decent educatione, etc. By asking the government to provide, you are asking for higher taxes on those that have the ability to pay them. In other words, you want them to pay for your care (or for someone elses care).

What the government provides, it also controls. Look at Medicare as a perfect example of htis. it covers much less today than it originally did, pays doctors much less than it used to pay them, and leaves the indivudual with higher and higher co-pays. It also costs more and more each year in taxes, as well as in the amount charged each social security recipient.

That is exactly what would happen to ANY medical program run by the government. The benefits will shrink, the costs will go up and the people will be charged more and more for less and less.

Be very careful what you wish for.
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