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Default Re: Why is China Poisoning Us with their Exports?

First of all, China is also poisoning their own people with their own products. They have very little in the way of consumer protection laws, etc. And since over 50% oftheir manufacturing is owned by the Chinese military, they are not about to crack down too hard.

As to bringing all of that production back to the USA. It's a brilliant idea.

The USA used to manufacture all of their own radios, televisions, microwave ovens, etc, etc. But the consumers CHOSE to purchase cheaper products made overseas. Gradually, the American companies went out of business, or sold out to foreigh manufacturers. So, today there are no televisions, no radios, no stereos, no microwaves, etc. manufactured in the USA with the one exception of Bose products (which are very, very expensive).

RCA is owned by a French company, Zenith no longer exists, and so on and so on.

Just try to get the consumer to "Buy American". They won't do it.

And we simply can not produce most products as cheaply as they can be made in foreign countries, and then be shipped to us.

The American car companies can not compete because their labor costs are 40% higher than the labor costs of the foreign companies. The American companies pay tens of thousands of people full salaries, that are not working. The Unions say, "we made wage concessions". Yes they did, for FUTURE employees, but not for anyone employed now. So, in 25-30 years, the wage structure will be the same for the American companies, if they still exist. I doubt if any of them will still be around by then.

Sadly, the American workers have priced all too many of their products right out of the market. And with the democrats in charge of congress, the wages will just go higher and higher, making the problem worse and worse.
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