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Default Re: Maybe *This* Is How The War On Marijuana Ends

Lots of juries send people to prison every day for marijuanna possession, etc. This case isn't anything that will change this, unfortunately.

You would think that the government would have learned with Prohibition, that prohibiting something that the peope want, and making its possession a criminal offense, does not work. It only makes organized crime more powerful, creates contempt for the laws, and enriches all of the wrong people.

ALL narcotics should be regulated and licensed by the state. There should be severe penalties from driving under the influence (such as confiscation of the vehicle being driven, mandatory prison terms, etc.). No probation alloed, the vehicle is confiscated no matter who it belongs to, etc. Who would loan their car to anyone that uses, if they knew that it could be taken by the government?

Anyone that provides any narcotic to a minor should be executed. Nothing else will work to stop those animals, and they should be given no longer than one year to appeal. Then carry out the sentence.

Tax the narcotics, and have pure drug laws that have real teeth in them. Anyone that adulterates drugs, a minimum of 25 years in prison.

The government would make a lot of money, virtually all of the crime related to drug use would stop, and nobody would die of overdoses, etc.They would save billions in prison costs.

And a lot of users would not bother, if it didn't have the aura of being "forbidden fruit".
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