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Default Re: The real conspiracy is "idol-worship"


We are not going anywhere with posts like this. We agree that Satan is behind most of the conspiracies, but my definition of idols is your obsession with Islam and Mohamed.

Christianity teaches that all who have not accepted Jesus are in fact spiritually blinded by Satan, and that only the Holy Spirit (which comes to live in the heart of the believer) can give man real understanding of spiritual things. That`s why so many smart people have no clue about spiritual things. Therefore, in our opinion, you Muslims are the ones blinded and being led by the devil.

So, I already see us trapped in a ping-pong game of "you are the one with the idol". You have started many threads that ended this way, which has been an annoyance in this forum.

BTW, I don`t think that Satan is the sole responsible for everything. People are evil by themselves, and they follow their evil desires when plotting their conspiracies. Satan just rides the waves, like a skillfull surfer in some cases, and directs people in some other cases.
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