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Default Re: I do not believe most "Conspiracies" really exist

You sound just like my grandfather god bless him. When he was a lad he got up two hours before he went to bed and lived on hot gravel, but look at him now dining on lobster and drinking chardony.

There was no conspiricy to keep you down because you are an american just like no one keeps me down because im european. If you lived in the third world lets see if you could educate your way out of a hole there. The conspircy is to keep these people poor to provide slave labour for us in the west and to stop them from consuming resourses like we do.

The world is not a level playing field and many people work a dam sight harder than you have and got nothing to show for it but a subsistance living. Sure there are lots of free loaders who will sit back and let the state provide but they are only a tiny proportion of the poor.

If you want to see a conspiricy that affects you directly why not do some research on money what it is and who creates it. There are lots of hard working people in the west losing their jobs and businesses all thanks to a small elite group controling the money supply. If that ain't a conspiricy i don't no what is.
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