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Default Re: Is Beer evil? Is Satan behind beer?

Well here's the deal on this poop/satan subject. If you hate the beer. Hate the grains hate the vegetables and corn or what ever else is sprayed with fertilizer. Manure. So what's worse drinking beer through the process of fermentation , or eating food that has actually been sprayed down with sh*t??? If you really think an alcoholic beverage can be evil and have satan himself inside the bottle you should look and research: ABSINTHE

Beer fermentation link:
Yes beer binging is bad so is being an alcoholic
Can you eat the hops and barley to catch a buzz?
I don't know I have never tried.
Cocaine the powder and the rock are bad. Chewing coa coa leaves thins out your blood and could allow you to climb mountains. So cocaine bad coa coa leaves good?

Opium is good compared to Heroin.

If you are in search of hallucinogens would you eat ergot or go to its synthetic cousin LSD?
Ergot can kill you / LSD might be from the goverment stash? Both are bad but widely used.

The more refined a drug ( all the above are drugs ) the more dangerous and addictive it becomes. Does this mean going "straight edge" is for you? No its all about your self control. People push drugs everyday. Commercials selling drugs EVERYBODY has at least a few symptons "blah blah head ache blah blah cramp" "BUY ME NOW" the side effects could be a page long!!! The guy on the street corner
"hey dude wanna buy a joint/rock/H/extasy"
Well "god damn the pusher man"
Both are the same the pushers on the street do not get the "air time"
And for all those people out there who know the bible and its quotes:
Don't we have the means and the rights to use all the seeds of the earth for our own benefit?

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