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Default Re: Flight 1549 in the Hudson

Originally Posted by tpomerian01 View Post
I've been reading another forum where a person questioned the official response. He was not treated well. You will not be either. I will not be either.
One post said all passengers thought geese hit the plane. Untrue. Most said the engine exploded. Strangely the pilot said nothing about a explosion.

The same article said both engines were in the Hudson. Untrue.

I live 150 miles north on NYC. We don't see many geese in the middle of January although there are lots of them in the summer.

There is no question that the captain & crew are heros but someone should question how many geese are around at this time of year. Is there any possibility it was a missile? it would have been a good time for one.

Most likely we will never know.
Oh, my.

You read on another forum that a poster said most passengers thought that the engine explosion wasn't due to the ingestion of geese.


Did this poster interview all of the passengers?

If so.

Please post the passenger's remarks on this thread.

Do you always believe everything your read?

Quite extraordinary.

Don't cha think?

If I were a passenger on that plane, I wouldn't have a clue and, I highly doubt, any of the other passengers would either as to whether or not geese were ingested into the engine or the engine exploded due to other reasons.

So, please provide evidence to this community to back-up your claim that most passengers believe there was an engine explosion that didn't involve the ingestion of geese.

Thanking you in advance.

I remain,

A goose in waiting...

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