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Default Re: Flight 1549 in the Hudson

Originally Posted by tpomerian01 View Post
here is one.
Witnesses hear a blast - but watch US Airways Flight 1549 glide in for a perfect landing

There are many questions. The captain heard geese hitting the plane as mentioned in his 60 minutes interview but the passengers heard a loud explosion.

Why was the captain not allowed to talk to the press for 24 hours after the crash?

How do you know it was geese? How many geese have you seen in NYC in January? I would appreciate if you could prove it was geese.
I can't prove ANYTHING about this flight.

I can't prove geese were ingested in the engines.

I can't prove there was an explosion not due to geese.

I can't prove it was a missile.

I can't prove ANYTHING about this flight other than it landed safely in the Hudson.

I would like to understand why some people believe this was/is a CONSPIRACY.

What does it matter that this incident occurred right before Bush WAS to address the nation with his "no additional terrorist attacks" theme?

Did he or did he not address the nation with his no additional terrorist attack theme?

If not, why not?

Apparently, the engines exploded due to the ingestion of geese?

Please post a link to his speech or something that infers he was to give a speech of this nature.

Are you implying that it was a terrorist attack and because it was just before Bush was to address the nation with his "NO ADDITIONAL" terrorist attacks theme, the CAPTAIN was aware of his impending speech; knew it was a terrorist attack; so he radioed to the flight controllers that his engines ingested geese?


You consider the PILOT was involved in the cover-up of a terrorist attack in order to protect the President's speech!?!

An additional one, for that matter.

How could or why would Bush assure us of no additonal terrorist attacks?

Their goal is to leave us with the feeling that there will be more terrorist attacks.

Instilling fear in the masses and altering our psychological state of mind is their main priority.

Every single person on the plane survived.

That says something as far as the skills of the pilot are concerned.

He landed that BIRD in the HUDSON without a problem.

Is that a conspiracy, too?

Shortly after this incident, a small plane, I believe in Australia, landed safely in the ocean.

Perhaps, this Captain has taught some pilots a thing or two.

If you want to believe it's a conspiracy, go ahead.

But, again.

Everyone survived.

P.S. I don't live far from New York and I have witnessed GEESE flying over my home recently on many occasions.

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