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Default Re: If Communism is the plan, why was it opposed by the US during the cold war?

:-? TB: To operate successfully on the local level you would need to cut ties with the whole mainstream Financial and economic system.Be realistic this just isnt going to happen!You still have to buy and sell work in the mainstream economy if you want to exist!.The government still wants its fair share of taxes.
How are you going to live in commune unless you completely cut ties with reality and live , like the ferals in Northern NSW e.g.The hippies already tried this in the 1960s it failed a few still nominally claim the hippie lifestyle in in places like Nimbin nsw or Tasmania many of them are also heavily dependent on social security.How does that fit with your Libertarian views of financial self sufficency.

Even the ones that do work are involved in Black Markets like the drug trade.The Drug trade in that area of Au is still well out of control!.The remainder that do work and trade legimately within the mainstream economic system are hardly immune from its values any more than the rest of society. Afterall hippies gave us many of our post modern values subjectivism and pseudo marxism in the first place many of these values have been completely intergrated into mainstream society and culture hence and present state of moral decadence. :-?

Your utopia looks like something of the 1960s counter culture they werent very christian though either!.
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