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Default Re: AIDS as a way of control: Depopulation

Gays and drug addicts are considered not to fit into the NWO, because gay men don't breed, and junkies don't breed or consume goods. They are considered not to be of any value to the rich overlords because they are low profit groups.

I live in LA, and Mexicans are what would be considered a high value consumer. They have lot's of children, and they buy a lot of crap, useless goods. (Note: I am NOT racist. I love Latin culture, the language, the food, the music...but it is getting polluted.) The Mexicans here eat junk food so they will keep the medical system going. It is no wonder why politicians want to let them in to the U.S. The corporations love them. I see them at Walmart filling shopping carts with CRAP. Majorly profitable group the Mexicans are, and willing to do shitty jobs, willing to submit to the status quo.
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