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Default Re: Congress Seeks To Authorize & Legalize FEMA Camp Facilities

Originally Posted by rogues gallery View Post
This is what I love the most about conspiracy theories. Everyone sees a conspiracy from a different angle or view. I just heard from a youtube viewer that he believes these camps are not meant as gulags for the masses but are in fact safe havens for the ultra elite on wall street after the complete economic collapse of the dollar. And now you suggest that the New World Order is on purpose feeding info and dis info to people like Alex Jones and setting him up to help spread fear. This may be true but it does not change the real facts that there are indeed FEMA camps that exist like the one at camp Greyling in Michagan. And that House resolution 645 within the current stimulas bill exist.

So many angles.

Hard to get to the truth, eh?

Just they way they like it.

It's called SPIN.


I'm sure the elites are going to reside at FEMA camps.

I don't suggest that the NWO is spreading fear.

It's a fact.

And, it's a fact that there are a whole bunch of AGENTS on the NET who help them spread fear.

It ain't a secret.
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