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I can't even believe people discuss whether or not David Icke is credible.

I would say it's a slam, dunk that David Icke is suffering from the effects of one long acid trip or is truly a mind controlled slave who believes whatever it is they tell him.

Such as George Bush, Jr. is a shape-shifting lizard.

Don't his followers gather round him for yearly jaunts to a rain forest where he saturates their brains with stories about these lizards?

Talk about mind control!

David Icke is a disinformation agent.

Why the hell else would he have accurate information about mind control programs and then discredit this information by TALKING ABOUT HIS RIDICULOUS SHAPE SHIFTING LIZARD THEORY and sounding like a complete CRAZY NUT?

Why would anyone have to BEWARE OF DAVID ICKE?

As if he poses some threat to society?

As if he's going to be knocking on my door.

David Icke is a NOBODY.

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