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Default Re: God and Jesus

I've got to be honest DLL...people are picking and choosing what they like.

These are only a few of about 20-30 points. I had to type that in by hand not copy and paste.

I've got to honestly say that people are reaching if they have read the entire bible and can only conclude from it that he was a 'nice guy' and a 'great teacher'.

How about people addressing the EXACT points I made? Thomas the doubter? "My Lord and my God"? The Jews stoning him because he cclaimed to be God?

The resurection? Come on people? I dont beleive this is very sincere. Did Muhammed reserect? Is the story of Christ that of a simple teacher with ALL the miracles? With ALL that has been written?

Either the N.T is a fake or HE IS the Son Of God, in fact God incarnate into this world from a force we cannot possibly comprehend. The Life Force incarnate.

If people here cannot grasp this then the debate is not very honest.

People are picking and choosing because it's easier to intellectualise these things away.

There is far more pointing to the central premise of the N.T---->that God so loved the world he offered up his only son. God is not a man sitting up in the clouds, God is totally incomprehensible...hence the incarnation. We need to get out of our heads the 'image' of God. God can be everywhere and incarnate in Christ as well.

These are simple points. I believe there is not alot of real search for the truth here but intellectual self defense from a premise that is a little frightening to intelligent people that come here.

Regardless. I loves ya all. I've had my Prozac and everythings all right now.

Kiss, kiss.

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