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Default Re: Photo Evidence: Soldiers Marching in Hayden, Idaho

Originally Posted by rogues gallery View Post
these soldiers will be part of a training excersise the week of April 2 thru the 5th involving civil unrest,riots,gun confiscation, civilian round ups in the Idaho
and Arcadia. These excersie are being done in preperation for martial law after the collapse of the dollar and the complete collapse of the Economy.
SO, that's it.

ONE group of soldiers training in IDAHO are going to handle the total and complete civil unrest in the USA after the collapse of the dollar and the economy.

Sorry, pal.

But, if there is complete civil unrest, I'm certain our military personnel are quite equipped to deal with it whether they train in various states or not.

The National Guard, the police, etc. are equipped as well.

Do you think the only training our military personnel receive is to fight so-called enemy combatants?

Please quote your source if the information you have provided has been obtained elsewhere from other than inside your head.
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