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Default Re: If Communism is the plan, why was it opposed by the US during the cold war?

Well you're right OC. Thats why I'm still here. Coz if i could be REALLY, TOTALLY, SELF SUFFICIENT you would'nt see me for dust.

I beleive also that they would attempt to destroy any successful community due to a conscious decision but also through the unconscious force of shadow projection whereby any successful community which isolated itself would immediately come under suspicion of a 'cult', or 'child abusers' etc...

Just the fact that you must still pay land tax say's it all. You never own anything.

However, it is possible to become incredibly self sufficient. All that matters is sufficient initial funding to buy the nescessary solar and wind power generators plus of course the land.

Also, at exactly what level do you want to subsist? Still want the can be done.

Villagers in Asia have been living like this for thousands of years. It's simply a matter of dedication. I personally relish the oppurtunity.

I am lucky also in that i have MANY contacts in the building trade and willing people from various walks of life. All with something to bring.

The key is a critical mass so that a self sufficient chain reaction can begin and the community becomes internally viable.

Remember, society is just one big commune.

You would be amazed at the low cost, low technology equipment available that makes life easier.

The one chance i see in this lifestyle working is because people in general are ready for it. They've had enough of the grind. They've got the Plasma T.V and they're still miserable.

It can be alot of fun. People getting together and forming strong familial bonds. NO HIPPIES ALLOWED!
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