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Default Re: Ex-Masons For Jesus

I am not now, and never have been a member of any Masonic Order.

But my father was a Mason for well over 50 years. NOBODY in his Lodge in Portland, Oregon controlled the local politicians, or much of anything else. My father couldn't even control his 2nd batch of children, or either of his wives.

I also know that the Duane listed in the first post on this subject is a made up person, or a liar.

Nobody become a Master of a Masonic Lodge after a few years. NOBODY! It requires a person that has been a Mason for a number of years, and you then work your way up through the ranks.

So, to claim that he was a Master, etc. is either a false claim, or he was a Mason for a LOT longer than what he is claiming.

The Masons require that their members believe in God, and the vast majority of their members are Christians. In fact, a lot of Protestant clergymen are Masons.

The vast majority of the people that claim that thye are former Masons are just phoney as all get out. They want nto make that claim, to lend some credibility to the crap they make up.

Yes, in some communities in the early 19th century, Masons did exert a lot of local control. Sadly, some members abused their positions, and harmed both members of the order, and non-members. As this became known, those lodges became defunct, and the Masonic orders revamped their procedures and policies to prevent that kind of abuse in the future.

Today, they are a purely social fraternity of men who support a lot of causes (like the Shrine Hospitals for Children, etc.) They have auxillary organizations for boys, girls and women, that also support charitable causes.

By the way, in case ou wonder, I converted to the Roman Catholic Church a long time ago. I AM a member of the Knights of Columbus. I can not join the Masons, under any circumstance.
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