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Default Re: Democracy is neo-conned, financially, economically and spiritually!!!

The United States of America is not now, and never has been, a Democracy.

The founders of this country would have been horrified at the very concept of a Democracy.

They established a limited Republic, and that is exactly what they wanted to establish.

Keep in mind, that the vast majority of todays voters would NOT be allowed to vote under the system our founding fathers set up. They limited the franchise to landowners, and those with a substantial financial stake in this country. They deliberately withheld the vote from the common people.

They were very much afraid of mob rule, and they knew that if the common people voted, they would always vote in their own self interest and not in the country's. The people will vote for "bread and circuses", and almost never for what is best for the country as a whole.

The founding fathers would have been horrified at the government that we now have. NOT because Obama is a black man, but because so many poor people voted in a government that will provide for them, at great cost to the country.
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