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Default Re: I Hope These Judges Rot in HELL!

Perhaps these judges should be tarred and feathered.

Any judge who sends a child who stole a jar of peanut butter and/or loose change from cars to a wilderness camp/detention center and most of these children being 12 years of age or younger, should be sent to a mental institution for psychological examination and BARRED from the bench for LIFE.

When we speak of a police state, this, my friends, is a perfect example.

Targeting children for petty crimes; disallowing them any representation in a court of law is a POLICE STATE.

The parent's of these children most probably did not have the ability to fight the system.


Why are these private detention centers and wilderness camps that are funded by the state of Pennsylvania so desperate for children?

You know why and so do I.

Certainly, this practice is not limited to the Pennsylvania.

Cease and desist.

This is your final and last warning!
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