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Default Re: God and Jesus

DLL, on this point you made...

""This is how I see it: Jesus is saying that when you see a miracle you believe because seeing is believing, but if you believe without ever having seen a miracle, you are truly blessed; you donít need to see it because you have rock-solid faith anyway. That is far more valuable than having seen it!""

This is in relation to Thomas saying to Christ..."My Lord and my God"...Christ rebukes Thomas for taking so long to get the point...

DLL, that is some of the most incredible reaching i have ever seen. I think the passage speaks for itself. This constant harp that the Bible is 'simple metaphor' and merely an archetypal myth that gives us meaning is wearing thin.

Either say the N.T is a fake but a lovely story with a few tips for living, or accept it's central premise. I really cant see the problem.

There is one thing worse than idol worship, thats human beings twisting things to suit themselves. It's dishonest.

People are not seeing the forest for the tree's because the central premise is far to terrifying...that God incarnated into this world.

Oh well, it seems i must mount a crusade and kill the people i disagree with to save them from themselves...

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