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Default Re: Will Obama End The DU Environmental Hell The U.S. Military Has Created?

Originally Posted by The Old Medic View Post
Then stop quoting them as the source of your information, if you do not trust them. That was the ONLY source you quoted regarding your opinions on depleted uranium.

I have personally handled those munitions, and have held a very sensitive geiger counter to them. Not a twitch.

But of course, you don't trust anyone, so why should I bother trying to educate you. Your mind is made up, based on what you read, and how you interpret it in your paranoia.
Excuse me, but I'll quote who I want to quote and, as I said, Wikipedia is not always inaccurate and you're certainly not as reliable as they are.

Who cares that you've handled those munitions.

That doesn't mean you have knowledge as to their health risks.

I don't need you to educate me, so, please, don't bother. Just a waste of your time.

My mind is made up on WHAT I KNOW and not what I read.

That's the difference between me and everyone else like you.

What paranoia?

Because I stated there are POSSIBLE side effects of exposure to DU?

Oh, yeah.

Real paranoia!!!
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