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Default Re: I Hope These Judges Rot in HELL!

Here is another example:

15 Year Old Girl Beaten by Cops:

Police Deputy 'Beats Down' 15 Yr Old Girl In Teen Beaten Caught on Tape

Police Deputy ‘Beats Down’ 15 Yr Old Girl
March 1, 2009 by admin
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A 15 year old girl is allegedly brutally beaten by a cop of the Seattle, Washington Police and the possible assault, attack was caught on tape.

In Seattle, a King County Sheriff’s deputy was caught on camera beating a teenage girl as she was being ‘locked down’ in a holding cell. Even though the officer can be seen in the footage putting a ‘beat down’ literally on the 15 year old girl in custody, he is still pleading not guilty to assault.

Deputy Paul Schene who is accused of fourth-degree assault including kicking the girl in the stomach, slamming her head against a wall, pulling her hair, and punching her on the ground, at SeaTac City Hall in November, is claiming he was assaulted first.

Schene, an 8 year veteran, claims the 15 year old girl was calling them ‘pigs’ and kicked off her shoes off at him striking him in the shin which can be seen on the camera but what can not be seen is that he says the shoes injured him.

Now, how that explains his brutally physical response, will be up to Schene to explain to a judge as an eager and demanding public awaits reason and disciplinary action even for such seemingly brute force.


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