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Default Re: Ex-Masons For Jesus

Blue Angel, you really need to get a life. You are being consumed by your "conspiracy" theories. Please, go get some mental health care, so you won't be tormented with your delusions like this.

I am NOT a Mason, have never been a Mason and never will be a Mason. I can not be a Mason,. because I am an active Roman Catholic, and I am prohibited from becoming one. However, my father was a Mason for over 55 years, my half-brothers are all Masons, and i am very, very familiar with that organization.

The Masons are NOT a cult. They are NOT a religion. They are a social and fraternal order, and they do a great deal for charity in every town where they are located.

The rituals are somewhat different in the Scottish Rite and in the York Rite. The Shriners have their own rituals. So do DeMolay, Eastern Star, and all of the other Masonic organizations. But in no case are any of those organizations a religion or a cult.

Theu do require that you believe in God. But, they have members that belong to most of the major religions of the world, and those members practice their own religious beliefs.

Just like the Elks, the Moose, the Roatay, and many other social and fraternal organizations, the Masonic orders have rituals and procedures.

Virtually any male can join them (they have members of all races and virtually all creeds). They also have organizations for women and children to join. Roman Catholics are NOT allowed to join them (although some do, in violation of the teachings of the Church. You see, the Masons used to be virulently anti-Catholic, and the Church has not yet allowed members to join the Masonic orders.)

You asked what have the Masons done to help mankind? How about the Shriner's hosptals for burned and crippled children? They provide the very best of absolutely free medical care to anyone that needs their services. The Shriners are one of the Masonic Orders.

The Masonic Orders also provide for the widows and orphans of any of their members. They have homes where widows can live, free of charge, and receive supportive services if they are needed. They provide millions of dollars in scholarships every year to the children of members.

They contribute millions upon millions of dollars to charitable organizations each and every year in the US, Canada, Great Britain and in every other country in which they have lodges.

You really need to get out of your "conspiracy loop" and do some reading from sources that don't see a conspiracy or evil behind every leaf. You have a lot of beliefs that simply are NOT based upon any form of reality.
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