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Default Re: Ex-Masons For Jesus

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
There's no reason to be f***ing rude. Don't ask the question if you don't want to hear the answer. I merely pointed out that not many have ascended through the ranks quickly.

Well apparently human descency and respect since you lack both. Well, I've reformed my Lodge to do more community service and charitable donations.

Outside of this forum, I'm very big in political discussion forums (Conservative Life, DiscussPolitics, PoliticalForum, and several more). I'm very big into gun-rights and hunting. I believe in land conservation. I'm very staunch believer in the Constitution.

I'm also a Army Guard soldier and I work full-time as such. Right now I am

What about you? Do you have an opinion on anything else?
Me, rude?

I think you have confused me with someone else.

I'm always polite!

I'm decent and respectful, as well, and you have asked a very stupid question when inquiring as to whether or not I have an opinion on anything else other than Freemasonry.

Obviously, you don't read the material on this forum because you're too caught up in promoting yourself.

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