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Default Re: Ex-Masons For Jesus

No, you are NOT respectful at all. You knock everything!

And you constantly change your "reasons" why you object to things. As soon as one of your "straw men" are knocked down, you raise another issue. Nothing will even satisfy you, you "have your opinions".

Funny how YOU are the only person raising all of these issues on these topics. Yet you claim not to be consumed by conspiracy ideas?

Strange how many subjects you respond to, with your ideas of how everyone is controlled, nobody but YOU (and others that think like you) understands how those controls work; how virtually every fraternal organization, the entire Roman Catholic Church and all of its members are out to control the world, corrupt every child on earth, and so on and so on.

That's all you seem to be capable of discussing. You see evil everywhere.

You really are sick Blue Angel. You seriously need mental health treatment for your paranoia.

You are one very, very ill person.
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