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Default Re: If Communism is the plan, why was it opposed by the US during the cold war?

8-) First of all TB thanks for the good natured reply TB and glad we can leave our personal pride weaknesses behind us and move on all is forgiven!.I must add though iam not really on anyones side except truth and my own and Gods so future sins and weaknesses are possible but i will attempt to minimise them!.Now on with the discussion.

am lucky also in that i have MANY contacts in the building trade and willing people from various walks of life. All with something to bring.
Really thats interesting to have such radical building trade mates i have worked as a landscaping apprentice for time here in NSW and all the guys would talk about is football, sex and cars,in fact of the reasons i wasnt popular was because i showed no interest in such things,perhaps they thought i was gay, so yeh does surprise me youve found such radical or deep thinking tradies in my experience they havent seemed to exist!.

Remember, society is just one big commune.
Although i have to disagree here.I dont believe we live in society in any shape on an abstract national level and although there are local communities one only has status as a self employed producer not as an employee.And further we dont all socially fit into to our so called local communities do we especially, radical anti the system views like ours, atleast not where i live i keep my views close to my chest most of the time its like the walls have ears!.

Further i understand market liberals and libertarians believed in living in a centralised corporatised economic system not decentralised societies or community since they believe that all relationships only exist with the framework of the voluntary exchange of goods and services (hayek)and since these are monopolised increasingly by big business they set the ground rules.
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