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Default Re: HIGHER INDOCTRINATION: Universities and Corporate control by David Livingstone

:-o GR& NH :
Guys that seems like a cop out from both of you (copout aussie slang for poor excuses).
This attitude will not help you survive the future.I undestand that many of you are not cut for tertiary study but those that arent shouldnt try to put on the pretentions of being educated when they have never entered a uni campus in their lives.
For example i would like to know if posters here who criticise tertiary ED, like Draken have ever set foot on Uni campus or applied themselves to a degree because looking at his posts you would think he knows everything about everything in the most pretencious educated terms!.

If he hasnt or others then, their views are not facts they are just subjective like the next persons, nothing more nothing less. :-? :roll:
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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