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There are hundreds of Protestant clergy that have been convicted of child abuse in the US. Many more Protestant Clergy have been convicted of such crimes, than Catholic priests.

But of course, the anti-Catholic don't want to hear such things.

Nothing will change their minds, they KNOW. Of course, in reality they know virtually nothing about the Catholic Church. They really only know of the stuff they have read against the church.

Just like I knew that the Pope was the devil incarnate upon the earth. That was what I was taught in my grandfathers church. I was taught that all Nuns were the brides of the devil, and that they wore their habits to hide their horns.

Imagine my horror, when my mother put me into a Catholic boarding school in the middle of the 4th grade. I literally thought she had turned me over to devil worshippers. I was scared out of my mind. (She chose that school because it was the cheapest she could find.)

I quickly learned that they were NOT devil worshipers. I learned that rhey were mostly very kind, and that they were excellent teachers. Before i turned 10, I learned that a LOT of the crap that people are taught is just pure ignorant trash.

The Spanish inquisition was a horrible era, and should not have happened. But it was a reflection of the European world, as it existed, at that time.

Protestants also committed wholesale crimes against Catholics, when they came to power. This still goes on today in some areas.

For a group of people that all CLAIM to be following the teachings of Jesus Christ. they certainly do not follow much in the realm of real Christian beliefs. And sadly, that is also true of the Catholic bashers on these boards.
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