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Default Re: I Hope These Judges Rot in HELL!

Thank you John A. Sullivan for continuing to report on this story.

A corrupt judge, a damaged life | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/08/2009


The boy, Charlie, who is the subject of this story, was sent into the courtroom without representation, pleaded guilty and removed in shackles for buying a stolen scooter.

He was taken to a room so full of GIRLS and BOYS that he had to stand against the wall.

He was evaluated and the psychologist, who is the brother-in-law of one of the judges determined he was anti-social.

He was given drugs at one of the detention centers.

His father, who is a janitor, paid $110.00 bi-weekly for Charlie's internment.

When he couldn't keep up with the payments, he was threatened with jail.

Two of the DETENTION CENTERS are privately owned and funded by the COUNTY and the judge's received kick-backs from these centers to kidnap children.

HOW DID THIS SITUATION EXIST for so long without any exposure?

Didn't anyone within the LEGAL system have the BALLS to stand up for these children and what was occurring in these corrupt Judge's courtrooms?

As I've always said, they prey on the less fortunate.

There is more going on here and I'M CERTAIN it will be exposed.

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