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Default Re: Is Beer evil? Is Satan behind beer?

I agree beer is not bad or evil.. But say what you will.. I still like the buzz... and it is an ancient remedy for sleeplessness.. If you take any pills for any reason.. You are as guilty or more than I am.. My vices are coffee in the morning and less than a six-pack at night... And if I smoke some pot now and then it beats going to a shrink.. Tell me I'm wrong.. My vices and "medicines" come to less than $5 per day... and I enjoy my life... So go ahead and yell at me all you do gooders.. I am 60 years old and I don't care... (Wait until you get to be 60 and you will see what I mean).. This is my life, and I am having a good time.. And if you think it is selfish for me to have a good time.. Get a life... Or go into a cave somewhere and spend your life in prayer for whatever God you chose..
Awww Sable :lol: I'm proud of ya! I think one or two drinks and/or some pot each evening is good for us, life is stressful and it takes some time to wind down after a long day. The stresses ease away and relaxation and kind thoughts take over, we deserve a little pleasure in this mad world we're in. If it makes you happy and it's not hurting anyone, go ahead!

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