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Default Re: Conspiracy of socialist ( theftist ) education

:-? NH: It would be better if you would just answer your own posts! .k.In future i may not give you the benifit of my time especially when they are not directed at you!.

However since you have responded.My my point is to anyone that is a market liberal that despises public education and has themselves undertaken it should renounce it as, RD has claimed immediately,but he has NOT! I therefore suggest he burns is uni degree immediately or putup or shut up!.
I Dont know about the selfish US but, in Au most of us poor native white coolies cant afford expensive privatised uitilities like private universities and private, hospitals, Power, schools everything else known as a basic economic utilitis or essential services.

Thats why most aussie are percieved as sthern socialists (bar TB) because we like to keep as many things public and affordable for the majority as possible if you have a problem with that then i suggest it is you and RD who is sideing with Big Business NWO agenda not me.
In that case you should be happy with the worlds economic progress. :roll:
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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